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Hjälp att identifiera bok!

2012-09-24 18:39 #0 av: Selinium

Hej hej! Mitt första inlägg.

Jag behöver hjälp att identifiera en bok, utefter en sida som jag och min syster hittade ute på marken! Vi gillar sättet den är skriven på och önskar läsa den! Vi har inte lyckats lista ut det själv.

Tack på förhand!

2012-09-24 18:48 #1 av: [Moa-]

The Mermaid Chair -A Novel by Sue Monk Kidd

Kan det vara denna?

"Sue Monk Kidd's stunning debut, The Secret Life of Bees, has transformed her into a genuine literary star. Now, in her much-anticipated new novel, Kidd has woven a transcendent tale that will thrill her legion of fans and cement her reputation as one of the most remarkable writers at work today.

Inside the abbey of a Benedictine monastery on tiny Egret Island, just off the coast of South Carolina, resides a beautiful and mysterious chair ornately carved with mermaids and dedicated to a saint who, legend claims, was a mermaid before her conversion. Jessie Sullivan's conventional life has been "molded to the smallest space possible." So when she is called home to cope with her mother's startling and enigmatic act of violence, Jessie finds herself relieved to be apart from her husband, Hugh. Jessie loves Hugh, but on Egret Island --- amid the gorgeous marshlands and tidal creeks --- she becomes drawn to Brother Thomas, a monk who is mere months from taking his final vows. What transpires will unlock the roots of her mother's tormented past, but most of all, as Jessie grapples with the tension of desire and the struggle to deny it, she will find a freedom that feels overwhelmingly right.

What inspires the yearning for a soul mate? Few writers have explored, as Kidd does, the lush, unknown region of the feminine soul where the thin line between the spiritual and the erotic exists. The Mermaid Chair is a vividly imagined novel about the passions of the spirit and the ecstasies of the body; one that illuminates a woman's self-awakening with the brilliance and power that only a writer of Kidd's ability could conjure.
" Källa

2012-10-09 19:38 #2 av: Cafesinner

Japp, fick också upp The Mermaid Chair :)

2012-10-12 12:17 #3 av: Gronstedt

Heter Jungfrutronen på svenska ...

2012-10-22 04:21 #4 av: Selinium

Hej hej! Tack så hemskt hemskt mycket. Hade totalt glömt av att jag frågat, och kom på det först ikväll! Ser fram emot att läsa boken! :)


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